All the details of our full price guarantee are here so that you can see upfront exactly how I do it with complete transparency and you can decide if you would like to use our Guarantee.  No pressure, no hassle.

  1. This guarantee is open to all individual residential condos, townhouses, single family homes up to $10m in Miami Dade, Broward, Palm Beach Counties.  Other types such as Commercial, vacant land, mobile homes, coops, multi folio, mixed use  are not eligible, or if there are any rec leases or land leases.
  2. Seller is not required to purchase any homes from Roman Pavlik or KELLER WILLIAMS DEDICATED PROFESSIONALS in order to qualify for this program.
  3. Seller must sign a 12 month exclusive right of sale listing agreement with Roman Pavlik at the Laurie  Reader Real Estate under the Platinum Marketing Level of service subject to the modifications below.
  4. The following scenarios are not eligible:
    1. Short Sales
    2. Foreclosures
    3. Bank owned
    4. if seller owes more than the value of the home are not eligible.
    5. Properties that are rented
    6. Condos that do not allow properties to be rented right away or are in litigation or have age restrictions
    7. Plumbing cannot have polybutylene, cast iron, or galvanized pipes.
  5. Seller will provide a key that will be available on site or code for unlimited access for showings with minimum 4 hours notice Monday to Sunday 9am to 8pm.
  6. Prior to putting the property for sale, Seller shall do the following at Seller's Expense:
    1. Order an interior residential appraisal from Roman Pavlik's approved appraiser list.
    2. Order a complete home/roof/termite/pool/septic tank inspection from Roman Pavlik's approved inspector list 
      1. If property is older than 25 years old, a 4 Point Inspection must be ordered
    3. Obtain an insurance quote to show that the property is insurable to new buyers.
    4. Obtain a 12 month home warranty and obtain a termite warranty (condos excluded)
    5. Order a title report and lien search.
  7. If the inspection or appraisal reveals any deficiencies or repairs, then Seller agrees to remedy them, provide receipts and invoices for the work performed, and re-inspect prior to putting property up for sale.
  8. Any unpermitted work, liens, violations must be cured prior to putting property up for sale.
  9. The list price that Roman Pavlik and KELLER WILLIAMS DEDICATED PROFESSIONALS will guarantee shall be based on the local list price vs sales price ratio as percentage of the appraised value as determined by program.  For example if the local list price ratio is 98% of list price, then the property shall be listed for 98% of appraised value.
  10. Roman Pavlik and KELLER WILLIAMS DEDICATED PROFESSIONALS will guarantee a minimum full price bona fide offer with pre-approval letter and/or proof of funds within the average days on market as determined by or 120 calendar days from date of MLS Listing, whichever is greater. 
  11. If Seller does not receive a full price offer within 120 calendar days from the date of MLS entry, then when Seller does accept the next offer from Roman Pavlik, seller will receive a credit at Closing from KELLER WILLIAMS DEDICATED PROFESSIONALS for the difference between the Full List price and the contract price not to exceed 4.0% of the contract price.
  12. Seller is under no obligation to only accept full price offers. Seller may at any time in the first 120 calendar days accept an offer for less than full list price, but acceptance of an offer for less than full list price will void the guarantee.
  13. The 120 day marketing time shall reset if Seller:
    1. restricts access for any reason if 4 hours minimum notice is provided
    2. takes property off the market for any reason
    3. pending sale fails and property goes back on the market
  14. For Properties over $5m
    1. Two appraisals are required
    2. Time to produced a full price offer shall be extended to 240 days or the average days on market as determined by, whichever it greater.
    3. The guarantee shall be based on the lower of the two appraisals 

If you are interested and would like to start the process, then fill out the form on my main page and request the list of our approved vendors who can start on your reports. 

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