Accelerate The Sale of Your $2.5m+ Residence

Get 100+ Showings, 3-5 Offers in 30 Days on Your Home

Traditional methods are no longer effective in selling luxury homes over $2.5million because agents are using  20th century methods to try to sell homes in the 21st century, which favors the Buyer NOT the Seller, and creates NO SENSE of URGENCY for Buyers to ACT.  They take some photos, bring in a few agents,  do an open house, and all you get is 1 or 2 showings per month, and maybe a low ball.  The only advice your broker gives you is to "Lower The Price".   Does that sound familiar?   

We built a model that Favors the Seller and creates urgency for buyers to take action:
1) Create a marketing message that captures the Buyer's attention
2) Implement a timeline in which Buyers must ACT
3) Remove all Contingencies from the sale
4) Create a competitive element among the buyers.

1) 94% Success Rate
2) up to 100 to 300 discerning buyers physically visit the home
3) 3-5 Offers to Drive the price up, not down.
4) Sold in 30-45 Days with 100% CLOSING RATE

Here are some results from our 21st Century Accelerated Sale Program:

Downtown Penthouse Sold for $10.2 Million

  • 135 calls
  • 43 showings
  • 8 offers
  • Sold in 38 days

Magnificent Modern Home w/Ocean Views sold for $17.2 Million

  • 1 year on the market with no offers 
  • 76 calls
  • 24 showings
  • 6 offers

Sold for $2.9 Million after 4 Different Brokers in 4 years

  • 206 inquiries
  • 130 showings
  • Sold in 30 days

First time on market Sold for $5.35 Million on 1.5 acres

  • 86 inquiries
  • 50 showings
  • Multiple offers
  • Sold in only 9 days

Never Listed Before, This Modern Home on 1 acre Sold at $4.34 Million

  • 378 inquiries 
  • 300 viewings
  • 11 offers
  • Sold in 42 days

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Roman Pavlik is a licensed real estate broker in the State of Florida and Sales Representative for Supreme Auctions in the USA. The above examples are properties that were sold under the accelerated sale program by Supreme Auctions in cooperation with 3rd party listing brokers. For full details on the accelerate sale click here.