Why Our Marketing Gets Full Price For Your Home

Read Below to See the Specifics on why Our Luxury Marketing System Sells More Homes

You have invested a lot of money into your condo to make it very unique and chances are that no other condo can be compared to yours. A unique residence requires unique marketing, and here are specific reasons why we are able to get you more buyers who are more likely to pay full price.

1. "Our Luxury Sales History"

A solid track record of luxury sales is critical.  The majority of Luxury Buyers choose their agent by referral.  The more luxury sales an agent handles, the more referrals they will get, which means more serious buyers for your home. 


2. "We Build a Seperate Website just Luxury Residence"

You residence is very unique and it shouldn't just be thrown into a website with all the other residences for sale which are clearly not comparable to yours. Unless you have a website exclusively dedicated to your condo, how else will your home be showcased  to the few unique group of buyers around the world that may be interested in your residence?


3. "How Will you Reach International Buyers and Brokers?"

Being successful in the luxury market requires agents to invest time into networking with other luxury agents around the world and promoting your property internationally.  In South Florida between 50% and 70% of luxury buyers are foreigners, and there is high probability that the buyer will be referred to an agent or find your home on international sites.  Reaching other agents is even more important than just reaching buyers.  We advertise in the Wall Street Journal, Robb Report, New York Times, Jetset, Mansion, and on over 100 international website that reach over 200 million buyers.   These are often overlooked by most agents.  

4. “Luxury Designations, Certifications, and affiliations"

A lot of agents will just say that those fancy initials after the competing agent’s name mean nothing and that it has no bearing on their ability to sell yourluxury residence. Don’t be fooled because nothing is further from the truth. By investing in our education about luxury home marketing, we stay informed on a continuous basis about global financial markets, new technologies, exchange rates, corporate relocations, sports trades, and many more valuable economic factors that determine where buyers come from and where the advertising needs to be placed.


5. “We have live specialists to answer the phone 7 days per week to make sure your residence gets shown”

The death phrase to buyer agents is "sorry we need 24-48  hour notice to show your home" and you lose that motivated buyer who is busy and needs to make a quick decision.  If your home is associated with this phrase, then you can expect your home to sit on the market with very little showings.  The luxury buyer is typically very busy & schedules change and showings on short notice are often required. If the agent you choose is just a one person operation, then what happens if a buyer wants to see your place immediately but your agent is too busy on an appointment? A phone called not answered means someone else’s condo shown & sold. We invest into having live specialists available to answer each call 7 days per week in order to make sure that your residence is shown 100% of the time, and have a team of professionals available to show it. You can even go online at anytime & see the showings & feedback from the other agents showing it.   We recently sold a luxury townhouse and had more showings in the first 30 days than the previous agent had in an entire year. 

6. "Our Performance Guarantee.  You can fire us if we don't perform."

72% of Home sellers surveyed said they would not choose the same agent again to sell their home.
The number one reason was “as soon as my property was listed for sale, I never heard from my agent again." Don’t become a statistic by letting this happen to you.  Our services are guaranteed.  We even  have a full time specialist in our office as well as an experienced manager who are there just to make sure that everything on your home gets handled right away.  If you ever feel that we are not doing what we promised, then you can fire us at anytime at no cost to you.  There are never any cancellation fees on our programs.

7. "Extra Customized Exposure for your Home?"

Finding a buyer that will appreciate your unique residence is not easy. Your agent should have both a good general marketing plan that will capture general buyers, but they also should have something unique that will attract a buyer with the same needs, wants and desires that attracted you to your residence also. For example, if your Condo was professionally designed by a renowned architect, then your agent should promote your residence at special events that the architect is involved in. There are dozens of unique ways to promote your condo and your agent should be an expert identifying them.

8. "Marketing in a Digital World like a Developer"

International Buyers love new construction homes. If your home is older, then it is harder for them to envision how it would look once it is renovated.  With our world class technology, we are able to virtually renovate your older kitchen and make it look brand new to show the buyer how it will look once it is done to get them more emotionally attached to your property versus the others.  We can also virtually paint it, change the flooring, declutter, and stage it to enhance the chances of appealing to the buyer's emotions.

9. "Offer a Bonus to Agents for Full Price Offers only"

This is one of the most powerful ways to get full price offers.  Since the average agent sells less than 10 homes per year, then they may look to maximize commissions out of each transaction.  By offering a bonus for full price offers, the cooperating agent is now very motivated to make their buyer offer full price for your home.  It's like having two agents working for you to get you full price.  

10. "We keep you updated once a week so that you always know what is happening in the marketplace"

This is where a lot of agents stumble and promise the world but deliver very little. Make sure you get a preview of the agents most recent weekly or monthly marketing updates that they are sending to their existing sellers. This way you will know exactly what to expect and you will know that the agent is actually doing what they are promising.