Roman Pavlik and Dave Ramsey Since 2010

Roman Pavlik first met Dave Ramsey at a conference in 2010 and immediately connected with his philosophies.    Dave described his early real estate career in the 1980s as highly leveraged and ran into problems when the market crashed.  Since then, Dave has taught the importance of living a debt free life.  The same thing happen to Roman from 2005 to 2007 who used to finance all his investment propeties to the maximum because "real estate values in Florida never go down!" and then the crash happened in 2009 . Since then, Roman has paid off all of his debts using Dave's Snowball method, by paying of the smallest debts first, established a 6 month reserves fund, invests the maximum amount into IRA/401k funds, set up mutual funds, created college funds for his kids Max and Alexa, has paid off the motgages on his investment properties and continues to acquire more.

Dave personally came to South Florida looking for a vacation condo and out of all of his agents that he recommends, he chose Roman to represent him.  Roman and Dave quickly became friends because of their common background and shared histories.   Dave trusts Roman with 10-15 potential buyers and sellers each month including the World Missionary Press who had Roman sell their $9,3m property in Miami Beach.

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